Fuse Fonts

Organize your fonts into simple collections within Adobe Photoshop


What is Fuse Fonts?

Fuse Fonts is an Adobe Photoshop panel, meaning it’s integrated into Photoshop. Install it, enable the panel in Photoshop, then start organizing your fonts.

How is it used?

Create a group, name it, and drag some fonts into it.
The simple and intuitive interface will help you stay organized however you like.


Fuse Fonts is designed to solve one problem with a simple solution. By designing for simplicity , it makes working with fonts in Photoshop easier and more productive. Too often software is bloated, hard-to-use, or is harvesting your data for profit. We're against all of that.

Whether you’re a design agency or freelancer with many clients, or keeping track of campaigns and projects as an enterprise designer, Fuse Fonts will keep you more organized, and productive.

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